Friday, April 3, 2015

Above Eleven Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Above Eleven is a rooftop bar & restaurant on the 33 rd floor of the Fraser Suites Sukhumvit in Sukhumvit’s pulsating Soi 11.
Conceptualised by the food and beverage team of Soho Hospitality, Above Eleven is the first Peruvian Japanese restaurant in South East Asia in a rooftop venue inspired by the experience of being in one of the great urban parks of the world. Key features include custom-designed structural trees, a maze in the entrance era and bathrooms serving as observatories of Bangkok’s skyline.”
Dress Code: We have a semi-casual dress code policy which is strictly enforced. For gentlemen, dress shorts are permitted but no sleeveless shirts and closed shoes only.
Our Review
I came several times with friends to get some Mojitos to start a nice evening and well i had nothing to complain, so i decided to bring my other half for a romantic dinner to impress her with the view.
We booked our table 2 days before by email and if you want a table with the best best view on the edge of the terrasse we recommend to book ahead.
Their reservation service reacted pretty quick and send us a confirmation email on the same day with a plan of the terrasse table for us to choose, we find that pretty professional with a nice touch.
Till then everything was all rite and we were ready to have a romantic dinner…
When we arrive in the restaurant nobody came to welcome us and we waited there for about 3 mn (believe me it’s pretty long when you are standing in the entrance of a restaurant) looking desesparately for a waitress. Then finally a waitress came to us and tell us immediately that it was not possible to have a table without a reservation. After trying to explain her that we did booked she finally throw a smile and bring us to our table.
The view was really nice, as the ambiance then we left the little incident away and started to enjoy our time there.
We went for two mojitos as aperitif and when i was ordering the mojitos the waitress suddenly turn her back to us and went to welcome another table without saying anything to us, so i find myself talking alone. She came back 10 mn after talking with the neighbour table taking their order and finally came back to us and we could order our Mojito.
Because this incident we decide to no eat here and find a more relax place with smiley service.
The day after we received an email for a feed back about our experience, i reply back describing our experience of last night, explaining them that it was a pity for a nice place like this, but that i surely could understand as a former restaurant owner that this kind of things could happen, and just wanted to bring this to their attention.
They never replied back to me, so i didn’t really understand the point in sending an email for feedback nor us to coming back…
I’ve taste the food on my previous visits and i have to say it’s fresh and tasty,  i’ll recommend to head there for a drink and some tapas to enjoy the view, as a pre party, we just had a bad experience on that day, of course it doesn’t mean you’ll have too…but the lack of professionalism from the management for not answering our email will not make us try it again…

Open daily from 18.00 to 2.00
33/F, Fraser Suites Sukhumvit, 38/8 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok
BTS Nana
Reservation: 02 207 9300