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Hua Hin Travel Tips

Boat Hua Hin Beach Thierry Coulon

Within a 280 km drive from Bangkok Hua Hin is a good escape for week end and short holidays. This seaside beach resort city has became popular
 among Thais since it was associated with Royal family who start spending their holidays there.
Hua Hin offers, from world class golf to premium spas is definitely one of the best place to relax from Bangkok.
How to reach Hua Hin from Bangkok

By the road: One of the easiest and fastest way, we recommend you to rent a taxi, or a Limousine, prices vary with your car choices but you can find a round trip from THB 3800 and you’ll arrive at your destination after 2.00-2.30 hour depending of your driver and the traffic. Here’s some companies website that offer the service and their round trip first price:
Bliss Travel THB 3800
Go Hua Hin THB 3800
Taxi Hua Hin THB 4000
Thai Happy Taxi THB 5000
Hua Hin Taxi THB 5500
Another cheaper solution is the minivan, the trip will last around 3.5 hour, but the van might make several stops on the road to pick up others customers. You can book a minivan trip from any agency in your hotel area, price can vary from THB 250 to 500. Buses companies also deserve Hua Hin you can check more infos here.
By the rails: The train to Hua Hin will take a 6 to 7 hours trip if you prefer to discover the landscape through the road and travel in a more typical way. At your arrival you will discover thailand’s most beautiful and historic Railway Station and located conveniently right in the center of the city.
More infos and Trains timetable here
Flights seems not available anymore for the moment
On the Beach
For the ones who are not used to Southeast Asia sun of course we strongly recommend you to use high protection sunblock if you go to the beach even if you are under an umbrela.
At sundown be aware of sandflies, theses tiny little insects bites can be pretty annoying during your stay. You’ll feel immediately when you are bitten then unlike a mosquito bite you’ll not immediately itching…One day after the itching will start and last a few days, sometimes it’s so itching that you’ll wake up at night…So don’t forget to apply insect repellent when you go to have a walk on the beach at sundown.
Applications of ice and hydrocortisone cream that you can find in nearby pharmacy can help reduce the swelling and itchiness, Aspirin can also ease the inflammation .Try to avoid scratching at bites, as this can open up the bite and create some infections.
Going around
Easy to go around with Tuk Tuks, Taxis and if you are not right in the city center most of the hotel offer their own tuk tuk service. Our preferred solution if you like to be more independant is to rent a bike, you can find many shops that are offering this service, just be aware that you might leave your passport there.
Hua Hin is a pretty quiet place and so far we never heard of anybody been scammed, of course it’s a common sense to be aware if anybody approach you with a “too good” deal .
For properties buying in Hua Hin like actually the rest of Thailand some real estate agency may approach you (if you are looking for investment of course) telling you that you can buy and own a land land, this can be considered as a scam because as a foreigner you can’t own a land but just have a 30 years lease.
The cool Season is from December to March, this period of the year the temperatures are the coolest and the rain
The rainy season is from July to October but heavy showers usually don’t last long and you can still enjoy your holidays.
The hot season is from March to May
Some Photos of Hua Hin (Credit Thierry Coulon)
Bike on the wall Hua Hin Thailand Thierry Coulon Photography

Boats on the Beach Hua Hin, Thailand Thierry Coulon

Hua Hin Beach Thierry Coulon

Hua Hin Monkey Mountain Wat Khao Lad Temple Thailand Travel Guide Thierry Coulon

Hua Hin Railway Station Thierry Coulon

Man with his dog on Hua Hin Beach Thierry Coulon Photography

Photos of Hua Hin Beach Thierry Coulon Photography