Friday, April 3, 2015

Useful Travel Tips for Bangkok

Bangkok is a pretty easy city and you can really enjoy your time there, though there’s several things to know ahead to avoid bad experiences and hassles. Here’s our tips to have a nice tripin the city of angels and avoid tourists traps…

1/ Airport Arrival
At your arrival, near the exit you might have some people offer you to find the way to the public taxis , in fact theses people are just selling Limousine transportation to your destination, it’s cost of course much more than a taxi, so if you prefer a public taxi service, just head to the ground level (1) near entrance 3,4,7 and 8, the service is s very well organised and you will see outside little booth with airport staff that speaks english and will help you to write your address destination on a form.
When you are on your way don’t be suspicious when the taxi will ask you money arriving at the toll gate, (there’s two on the way to city center) and it cost around 85 bath, the best is to give the taxi a 100 bath bill and they will give you back the change on arrival. There’s also an additional 50 bath for the airport surcharge.
2/ Transportations

BTS and MTR: Definitely the best choice to go anywhere in Bangkok, it’s simple, fast and clean. If you stay there for a while buy a rabbit card that you can recharge with credits to avoid lining up during rush hours.You can also make payments with it. Note that you can’t use the Rabbit Card for the MTR.
Taxis: Beside the BTS, taxis are the most convenient solution to get around in Bangkok (except during the rush hour).
Avoid taxis waiting in touristic areas,  most of them will try to negociate a fix price often 3 to 4 times that what you should pay. Before getting in ask if the taxi is “Meter” that mean if the driver will start his meter. Sometimes it takes longer to find a meter one, try to take one from your hotel or outside shopping malls, the reception will help you to ask and find a “meter” one.
If you prefer to have an airport pick up or travel around Bangkok for a day trip or Hua Hin and Pattaya, here’s some of taxis limousine companies that offer the service:
Tuk Tuk: The most famous and popular transportation in Bangkok, It’s fast and fun. you’ll need at least to try it once. Only negotiated prices, and it’s according to weather, your face, the rush hour and even the mood of the pilot (once you’ll have tried it you’ll know why i call the driver a pilot). Short trips in Tuk Tuk are around 30 to 50 bath, but you might be ask fo 100 to 200 bath. Anyway hold tight and be careful to put your belongings safely behind your feet. Try to avoid rush hours (usually 7.00 to 9.30 and 16.30 to 19.00) …you don’t want to find yourself stuck in the traffic with pollution and high temperatures.
Absolutely avoid Tuk Tuk driver proposing you very low fares like 10 to 50 bath for 2 hours sightseeing or you will end up in pushy shopping in the suburb and it will be difficult to escape the situation. Theses Tuk Tuk are usually around touristic areas…
Moto Taxis: Another convenient way to go around and usually cheaper that the taxis, but as with the tuk tuk you’ll need to negotiate prices. (usually 10 to 50 bath for short distance). Put your helmet and try the experience…One of the fastest way to get around but also probably the most dangerous.
3/ Beware of scams 
Tuk Tuk Scam:As mention in the transportation paragraph, beware of tuk tuk offer you very cheap prices for 2 hours.
The Grand Palace is closed:Avoid as well any person might who approach you near the Grand Palace telling you that today the Grand Palace is closed, in order to bring you to unknown temple and pushy shopping..
The Khlong Scam: Same approach than the tuk tuk scam, for a ride on a friends boat, and you’ll end at 100 meter of the pier at the end of the trip being asked to pay a thousands bath or more to reach the Pier.
4/ Phone Sim Card informations
You can buy data/calls package prepaid Sim Card from one of the big three companies which all have booths in the arrivals hall. AIS, DTAC, True Move. You’ll have a confirmation sms confirming that the service is activated short time after you insert the sim card in your phone.You can also buy a prepaid sim card and recharge credits in any of the 7/11 or Big C. Just be aware that there’s a new rule and you are now need to show your passeport if you want to have a Thai number, so don’t gforget it!
5/ Seasons
Thailand climat is generally hot and humid all year but stil divided in 3 distincts seasons:
Cool Season (from November to February)
Usually the best season to visit Thailand, so the most touristic season.
Hot Season (March to June)
Highest Temperatures with occasional rains
Raining Season (July to October)
Heavy showers but still sunny days, the heavy rains usually don’t last more than 30 mn per day in the northern part, while the southern parts near Andaman sea receive the most rain